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Gaming Computers

Feel the need to kill another thousand zombies?

Want to play one more round of Augusta before bed?

Sniping Nazis make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

At Wild Dog Computers Inc. we build gaming machines that are second to none!

Why choose us for your next monster build?

We only use the "top tier" manufacturers such as Gigabyte, Asus, Crucial, Corsair, Mushkin, Mountain Mods, Seagate, Western Digital and other companies for our parts that your "average" computer store or online dealer WONT use because its not cost effective for them. Buying a gaming machine "pre-built" means they build "X" amount of computers with the same specs and therefore want to get the price down on thier builds as low as possible which means you will be purchasing a machine with "off brand" memory as well as a motherboard that has been engineered to THIER specs for the lowest dollar. They will accept offers from hard drive companies that, again, are making them as cheaply as possible. Thier product line or "build list" will more than likely will NOT include the latest line of hardware currently on the market.

When getting ready to purchase a custom machine, its clear to see why Wild Dog Computers Inc. should be your next choice for that monster machine!

Wild Dog Computers will build your machine to YOUR specs.. not something made by the "thousands" thats handed to you from the back of the warehouse.

We burn in our builds for a minimum of 24 hours, placing them under stress loads to make sure they perform properly which helps guarantee you won't have any problems when you get it home and simply want to blow some stuff up, shoot a few bad guys or save the entire Boraxian Empire
(ok.. yeah... I made that one up.. but it sounded legit right?)

Give Wild Dog Computers a call today and we'll build you a machine that will make your friends jealous whereas your isnt nothing like they've seen before be it water cooling, SLI configurations (multi-video cards) or PCI-X hard drives which perform three times faster thatn SATA!