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Data Recovery

Damaged hard Drive?

Hard drive making a "clicking" noise?

STOP! Don't make it worse!

Trust your hard drive to the areas Data Recovery professionals!

There is always a "last time" that your hard drive will work and once that threshold is passed, the only option for retrieving your important files is to send the defective hard drive to a clean room which may cost in excess of $800 - $1200!

As long as your drive will be recognized on the system, Wild Dog Computers Inc. can retrieve data off the hard drive.

If you've accidentaly deleted some files, formatted the wrong drive during an install or your hard drive is "making that noise" again, please bring the affected computer by Wild Dog Computers Inc. as soon as possible.

If your drive is not functioning properly, it may take in excess of 8-10 hours to scan the drive to recreate the disk structure. Bear in mind if the drive is faulty, that disk structure may be incomplete which results in "garbled" files, missing files, etc... Wild Dog Computers Inc. will do everything we can to retrieve your files and transfer them to an external hard drive, flash drive or cd/dvd disk. Given the amount of time this takes we charge $75.00 minimum and depending on the amount of data will adjust the price accordingly.

Mac Data Recovery Service

We offer the same service to Mac users. The only difference between a "PC" and Mac is the operating system. Mac's use the same hardware internally and, consequently, suffer the same failures. Bring your Mac by Wild Dog Computers Inc. as soon as possible and we'll be glad to retrieve your lost files for you.