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Adding some new computers and need to get them online?

Having problems keeping a stable connection?

Need a little more speed when making your backups?

Want to add a wireless printer to your network?

Whether your company is experiencing "growing pains" or simply wish to transfer files faster between computers or perform backups a little more speed, Wild Dog Computers Inc. is here to help!

Most computers sold in the last 3-4 years shold have a gigabit network contoller installed. While this will not help you surf any faster (thats capped by your internet service provider), upgrading to Cat6 cables, jacks and routers will certainly make a NOTICABLE difference in the way you transfer files or make backups within your home or company!

Installing a small server for the home or business is a relatively cheap and efficient way to centralize your backups, share your data across your network and safeguard your data in the event of a computer crash.

Contact Wild Dog Coomputers Inc. today and we'll be glad to discuss with you how you can speed up your network, secure your router or add in a network printer or NAS (network attached storage) device for backups!