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Virus Cleaning $99

Browser being hijacked?

Blue screens & Pop Ups making you mad?

System Crashes and hanging up?

Computer running very slow?

Wild Dog Computers Inc. give you more bang for your buck!

Keeping your system safe and secure is important this day and age given the amount of malicous code on the internet these days.

Wild Dog Computers Inc. offers a monthly service contract for home users as well as businesses. We provide this service for as low as $15 per machine per month and is certainly a cost effective way to maintain your investment, keep it secure and save money in the long run! Included in this monthly service are the "bullet points" mentioned to the right.

Dont be fooled by the advertisments you see on television for the cure alls they offer. They promise "that you'll never get another computer virus again" and they simply cannot make that statement honestly.

They lure you in with a 'free" scan which also shows simple registry errors as viruses and other "false positives" to get you to buy thier product. Do a Google search for thier product and add the word "review" after it and take the time to check them out.