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Maintenance Services

Maintaining your computers overwhelming you?

Want to make better use of your time?

IT department increasing your payroll?

Keeping your investment in hardware functioning as well as your data safe and secure is our primary goal at Wild Dog Computers Inc. We offer a monthly service contract for home users as well as businesses which is cost effective when compared to the cost of recovering files and pictures or recreating six to eight months of invoices, proposals and emails to your clients.

A Wild Dog Computers Inc. technician will log in remotely once a month to scan your system for spyware, viruses and malware as well as perform system updates, clean the registry of malicious code and then lastly defragment your registry as well as your primary hard drive in order to make your computer as fast as possible. Should our technician notice a sign of hardware failure you will be notified as to the problem with an email and a phone call outlining the problem and an proposed solution.

On a quarterly schedule at your convienece, a Wild Dog Computers Inc. Technician will visit your place of business or home and clean each machine under contract internally, check the condition of the hardware, resolve any problems you are having quickly and professionally and provide you with a statement outlining thier findings.

Whether you are moving your offices and prefer to have your computers moved promptly and professionaly, adding a new laser printer to your network or having trouble with that new employee surfing when they should be on task, Wild Dog Computers Inc. is here to help. Contact us today!