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Consumer Machines

Need a machine for everyday tasks?

Want a great value with a 2 year warranty?

Like the value of a custom built machine?

At Wild Dog Computers Inc. we understand that not everyone needs an "over the top" machine for simple, everyday task such as reading email, online shopping or completeing that paper for school.

Why choose us for your next computer as opposed to a "big box" store?

Our consumer machines are built with value in mind.

Chances are you don't need cutting edge technology if you're not a "gamer" with "form and function" being a priority over "bells and whistles". Our new consumer machines come with a 2 year warranty so you may rest assured problems wont be an issue. When you begin shopping for a new computer, please give s a chance to give you a written proposal so you can compare "apples to apples".

At Wild Dog Computers Inc. we honestly feel our computer builds are second to none whereas we only use "name brand" components and not parts that are made with just enough "quality" to get you past the 1 year warranty that most manufacturers offer.

We also offer our Maintenance Contracts for a low price of $20 a month.
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