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CD & DVD Duplication

CD / DVD Duplication Whether you have an important sales promotion coming up for your client base, a power point presentation to send to team members around the globe or a listing of properties including pictures, video walkthroughs and descriptions for prospective clients, Wild Dog Computers Inc. is THE place to get your master cd or dvd copied professionally and fast!
We have a 1-11 DVD Duplicator on site so your data is copied in a professional and timely manner with nothing being sent "off-site" (like other companies) so your data is kept safe & secure. Each disk will be returned to you with a "blank" top, ready for your label to be applied! Upon your request, we will maintain a copy of your master disk on file should you require copies to be made in the near future. These masters will be deleted after 90 days from our server unless you specifically request them to be kept longer.

At Wild Dog Computers Inc., we will gladly copy your cd's, dvd's or even dual layer dvd's at the following cost which includes the cost of the media! Each disk will be returned to you either in a "cake" spindle (the way cd's/dvd's are normally purchased) unless you prefer to have each individually packaged as outlined below.

If the number of your copies exceeds 500+, please email us with your desired quantity thru the "Contact Us" link on this page and we will promptly supply you with special pricing!

We strive for a "3 Day Turnaround" whenever possbile which is faster than most companies can do it 'in house"! If your job requirements are next day, please add $50.00 for rush service.

NO ONE in Raleigh or the surrounding area beats our service!

Media 1-100 101-500
CD 50¢ 45¢
DVD $1.00 90¢
DVD-DL $1.75 $1.60
Paper Sleeves 15¢ 12¢
Slim Boxes 60¢ 50¢
Clam Shells 50¢ 40¢

Price is per each copy or cover.

*Obviously, copyrighted material WILL NOT be copied whereas it is against state and federal laws.
By bringing your media to be copied to Wild Dog Computers Inc., it is understood you have complete rights to copy the media as per your request.

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