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Business Computers

Current hardware slowing you down?

System crashing with too many blue screens?

Warranties non existant on current platforms?

Wild Dog Computers Inc. is second to none when it comes to building business machiens for our clients!

Why choose us for your business systems or server?

We only use the "top tier" manufacturers such as Gigabyte, Asus, Crucial, Corsair, Mushkin, Mountain Mods, Seagate, Western Digital and other companies for our parts that your "average" computer store or online dealer WONT use because its not cost effective for them. Buying a machine "pre-built" means they build "X" amount of computers with the same specs and therefore want to get the price down on thier builds as low as possible which means you will be purchasing a machine with "off brand" memory as well as a motherboard that has been engineered to THIER specs for the lowest dollar. They will accept offers from hard drive companies that, again, are making them as cheaply as possible.
Thier product line or "build list" will more than likely will NOT include the latest line of hardware which is why a custom machine from Wild Dog Computers Inc. should be your next choice for that monster machine!

Be it a basic business machine for a retail location or a server based system with redundant RAID drives for data storage and security, Wild Dog Computers Inc. stands by thier product and you!

With a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on new builds, NO ONE in the Raleigh - Cary - Durham area matches that!

When coupled with our Maintenance Plan, our computers will keep you being productive and profitable and minimize your downtime so you can concentrate on whats important ot you... Running your business!

Contact us today for a price quote on your next purchase!